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Shades Of Nebula - Serum Presets by InterSys

Released September 2023

85 mind blowing presets for Serum.
Imagine a preset pack so comprehensive and so inspiring, the music almost writes itself! 

Shades of nebula is our newest creation, it is the BIGGEST pack we have released so far, and we are very proud of it. Come check it out and get your psytrance game the muse boost it needs!


Preset list:


BA Dark ||

BA Dark

BA Funk

BA Galop

BA PsyTrip Square

BA Square Alien

BA Stereo Roller

DR HHMetalic

DR Snare

FX 4 Bar Riser

FX 8 Bar RyUplifter

FX Dolphine

FX Drop

FX Fallout

FX HornGate

FX LazerPhaser

FX Magical

FX Shooter

GT GatedAlien

LD Alarm

LD AnalogWarmth

LD Chaos Dolphine

LD Emotional Sines

LD Emotional

LD Frequencies

LD Ghost

LD Hallead

LD Landscapes

LD Main Lead Backup

LD Monster

LD Noisy Transistor

LD Overdriven Double Saw

LD Overdriven Saw

LD Pacman

LD Party Hard

LD Plain

LD RubberDriver

LD Rzr

LD Short Distort

LD SideSaw

LD Signature

LD SimpleSuper

LD SquareRoot

LD SyncMonster

LD Tremor

PD Cinema

PD Dreamy DrawBar

PD Falling Stars

PD Pusating Wind

PL Acid Bark

PL Bell Velocity

PL BigHorn 2

PL BigHorn

PL Celestial Toy

PL Detuned Pluck

PL Dropletts [VELOCITY]

PL Mallet

PL NoisyBell

PL Retro

PL SpaceTear

PL Sweeper

PL Teardrop

SQ AlienTalk

SQ Celestial

SQ Chaosynth

SQ Electric Beat

SQ Flnaglass


SQ JumpBass

SQ LionPit

SQ MoveGroove

SQ MultiSaw

SQ PsySeq

SQ SingleSaw

SQ SpringLoaded

SQ TranceGates

SY Bang

SY Evolving SoftKill

SY Flange Me

SY HardHit

TB Decimized

TB Ignite

TB Lofi

TB OldSchool

Shades Of Nebula - Serum Presets by InterSys