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[Bundle] Melodic Psy for Serum Vol 1 + 2 + 3

Released January 2022

Get our exclusive Serum Melodic Psy preset packs Vol. 1 + 2 + 3 for a special discount price!

137 Premium Psytrance presets for serum.

We put great attention to detail, and finalized the presets by adding modulations that will help you make the sounds yours and give them your touch!



Preset List

Vol 1:
BA PsyFlow BA PsyRoller Round BA PsyRoller BA Stretchy FX Bang FX Face Banger FX Freq FX Laser Tag FX Laser FX Slap FX Sweep Bass FX Uplifting GT Gateway To Heaven LD Acid LD DistGuitar LD DistLead LD Drops To Beast LD Fast Saw LD Future Wave LD Happy Hour LD Horn LD Pure Love LD Robotics LD SawLow LD Screamer LD Shine LD SpaceReso LD SuperSaw Chords LD SuperSaw LD TBLeader LD ThickSync LD Trippy Saw LD Ufo PD Moving Parts PD Silky Pad PL 7th PL Basics PL Bells 2 PL Bells PL Drops PL Strength

Vol 2:
FX 8 Bar UplifterFX DownfillerFX Engine WarmerFX LaserPhaserGT PadGateGT SmackerLD AM-PMLD CatishLD DisteriaLD DrillerLD Fast StabberLD Fm BiteLD HornLeadLD MajesticLD QuickWinLD RazorBladeLD Robotic MoveLD SawLD ScreachLD Shorty RythmicLD ShortyLD TalkToMe TooLD TalkToMeLD VibrateLD WigglyPD MysterioPD MysticPL AirBenderPL BellishPL StabbPL TalkerWalkerPN FeelishSQ Angel TripletsSQ DaDrummerSQ RythmidelicSQ SqaureSeqSY Third TimeTB MaxMaddTB OldSchoolBA 8th SmackBA BassHelper 2BA BassHelperBA Melodic BassBA WobbleFX 8 Bar Rythmic Uplifter


Vol 3:
BA Bazz BA PsyTrip BL Stomper FX 8 Bar Uplifter FX 8 Bar Upriser FX ReversedZap FX Scanner FX Zap LD Acid LD Distortia (No Rythem) LD Distortia LD Driver LD FastSync LD Future Wave LD Grungy Key LD Guitar Solo LD MetalHead LD Monk LD Nintendo LD Pure Saw LD RythmicAndroid LD RythmicPunch LD Screamer LD SeeSaw LD StrangerFlanger LD TB Classic LD Vibranium PD Feel Trancy PD Movment PD WalkTalk PL Ancient One PL Simple Dimention SQ DownFall SQ Fmiliar SQ JunPop SQ PsyBooms SQ Step Rythm SQ Syco SQ Trancy Noise SQ WindStorm SQ ZipZap SY Analogital SY Hit Me SY Hitman SY Middle Ground SY Roar SY Sinus SY Smack SY Sonar SY Springy SY Whoosh

[Bundle] Melodic Psy for Serum Vol 1 + 2 + 3

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$52.29Sale Price