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[NEW] shades of nebula
85 crazy PSY presets for serum

Imagine a preset pack so comprehensive and so inspiring, the music almost writes itself! 

Shades of nebula is our newest creation, it is the BIGGEST pack we have released so far, and we are very proud of it. Come check it out and get your psytrance game the muse boost it needs!

Shades Of Nebula | Psytrance Serum Preset Pack
Shades Of Nebula - Demo

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Psytrance is an entrancing sonic journey that captivates listeners, blending hypnotic rhythms and beats into a dynamic expression of energy and transformation. This genre embodies human creativity at its peak, connecting us beyond the physical realm and into the extraordinary.

Elevate your psytrance production journey with our high-quality Psytrance Presets Pack, carefully
 designed to infuse your music with the hypnotic melodies and spark your creativity. These aren't just sounds; they're the key to unlock a universe of creativity, pushing the boundaries of innovation and turning your musical vision into a stunning reality.

[Bundle] Serum All
Shades Of Nebula
Vol 1 - Melodic PsyTrance
Vol 2 - Melodic PsyTrance
Vol 3 - Melodic PsyTrance
Psy Basses


Sound design is at the very core of electronic music production. The sounds you use gives your music it's character, it's what gets the audience come and ask for more!

In every package we create, we put a lot of effort to make it unique, premium quality and most important - inspiring!

We want people that use our preset packs to feel as if the music is writing itself, like a streaming process connecting your brain, music and the synth presets.

Stop guessing if the sound you're using is good enough, and trust our presets to give professional sounds to your ideas.

Get Inspired!